Motivational Monday  – Change, It’s a Process!

Motivational Monday – Change, It’s a Process!

| BY Jennifer

Greetings my MAD COOL FITNESS CREW and Happy Monday!

Ok! We are 1 week into the New Year. How many of you have already broken a resolution or two? 🙂

No worries. Change is a process. It zigs and zags, rarely going in a straight line, sometimes we may even go in reverse!

As my mother says, “How do you get out of ditch? You go to back up to move forward”.

So true. Mama Turner makes a lot of sense.

I keep talking about MAD COOL FITNESS but some of you may wonder, “Well what the hell is it?” Here are some videos on MAD COOL FITNESS, the feeling of empowerment I want you to achieve through the commitment of living a healthy lifestyle, and also the philosophy that supports achieving it.

These videos set the tone for my coaching methodology and some of the concepts you will read about as I offer coaching support around achieving your fitness resolutions and beyond.

You’ll see some consistent concepts of Vision (got to to know where you’re going to get there and WHY!) and… Work. Yep that 4 letter word that you will learn to love because it is the process of the work, the commitment, the struggle where the real benefit occurs.

Also I will be offering a local wellness seminar, cardio class followed by a coaching session for creating and sticking to New Year’s Resolutions and 2016 goals overall.

So let’s get to thinkin’, get to thinkin’, and stop drainkin’, stop drainkin’ (thanks Queen Bey). The holidays are over.

Let ‘s resolve to be MAD COOL and get to work!


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