Motivational Monday – What’s Your Mission?

Motivational Monday – What’s Your Mission?

| BY Jennifer

Greetings my MAD COOL FITNESS CREW and Happy Monday! As you know, this is no ordinary Monday. This is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day!! Let’s all take more than a moment to remember this very special, visionary, leader who had a mission of peace and fighting for equal rights. Without his vision, bravery, and tenacity, so many of us would not have the freedoms and opportunities we have today. The world would indeed be a much darker place. If more people lived by Dr. King’s teachings today, we would have much less violence in the world.

MISSIONdefined as: “an important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation”.

I love this word. I reflect on it daily in my life, asking myself if the goals I set for my self, the activities I do are aligned with my mission. A mission is like the north star. Mission gives us purpose, a drive, a desire to bring something to fruition.

Since it is the New Year, a lot of us are doing an audit of our lives, checking in with ourselves to see if we are on track with what we want in life, what we are trying to achieve. Which gets to…

Resolutions. Goals. Sh$T we’re trying to get done…whatever you call it, the “it” needs to be specific and concrete. We often speak of goals in the abstract, in the conceptual but goals need to be SMART if we are to achieve them:

Specific – Nail the “it” down; what are you trying to do?

Measurable – How will you know if you’re moving closer or farther away from your goal?

Attainable – Can you realistically achieve this goal? For example, going from a size 20 to a size 2 in 4 weeks is not realistic so don’t even put that lie in your mouth.

Relevant – Needs to be a goal YOU care about. Not your mama, not your friends, not your boo-daddy, YOU.

Time bound – On your job, your boss doesn’t say, “Oh, Jenny/Jim, you can finish this report you know, like, whenever you feel like it…” Uhhh…no. He/She is like, “Look Jenny/Jim, I need this report done, Monday morning, January 11th at 9:00am. Not 9:01, not 9:05, 9:00am. So chop chop, vite, vite allez or you can hit the bricks, cuz.”

We often apply rigor to our professional goals, but when it comes to personal goals (and fitness in particular) we are vague and not as buttoned up about it so our focus and efforts meander, causing the scale and our fitness to meander too!

So as you craft your New Year’s Resolutions, first start with my previous post about what matters to you: 1) WHAT am I trying to achieve? 2) WHY am I trying to achieve it?

Think about your MISSION in life. No matter what it is, good health will certainly help you realize your overall life mission. Your purpose, and your resolutions need, no matter how big our small, to be aligned with your mission.

Then get into the HOWbreaking WHAT you are trying to down into specific SMART goals and a plan to achieve those goals.

So this week, as we think about our mission in life, and create our goals aligned with that mission, let’s be SMART so we can be focused and steadfast in our resolve to be MAD COOL in fitness and in our lives overall.

Go get ’em.


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