Motivational Monday – Hinky Weather? ADJUST is a MUST!

Motivational Monday – Hinky Weather? ADJUST is a MUST!

| BY Jennifer

Greetings MAD COOL Peeps and Happy Monday! Jonas. Whoaaaa what a doosey! For my East Coast peeps, this weekend was a real trip. I had a few plans in place in anticipation of Jonas coming to jack up my fitness routine.

Plan A: If the weather wasn’t too cray cray, I was going to drive to my gym.
Plan B: I would workout at home in the little gym in my apartment.

When I woke up Saturday morning to howling wind and zero visibility outside, I thought, “Plan B it is!”.

So in spite of an EPIC blizzard, I planned ahead and was able to get a great workout in. It was not the SAME workout I would normally do in my gym because I didn’t have access to the same equipment but it was effective nonetheless.

I ran on the treadmill which is typical for me (I do long runs on Saturdays either outside or on a treadmill or track) but for strength training I had to adjust.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle consistently, ADJUST is a MUST so you can stay on track NO MATTER WHAT.

I did tons of planks, ab work on the stability ball, used my TRX, and did tons of squats with the 2 kettlebells they had in the gym. Really good workout.

When the weather gets funky (and it will!)you have to ADJUST. For my pees who live in cold weather places, don’t let a blizzard jack up your fitness program. Plan TODAY what you will do tomorrow if you’re stuck at home.

Buy healthy food TODAY. Figure out an in-home routine you can do… a DVD, run on the treadmill, TRX, planks in front of the boob tube, fire hydrants, burpees….SOMETHING PLANNED.

Don’t let a little (or a lot!) of snow be an excuse, “a sign” that the universe wants you to stay home, watching TV with your homies Ben and Jerry 🙂

This is just an excuse, a reason to bag being healthy. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is learning how to adjust and have contingencies in place when the universe sends you some snowballs.

When Life Sends You Snow, Make Snowballs & Throw ‘Em Back!

Adjusting doesn’t just apply to any random thing that is thrown your way that could throw you off your fitness game.

So this week, let’s get to adjustin’, workin’, and sweatin’, remaining steadfast in our resolve to be MAD COOL!

Go get ’em.



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