About Us

MAD COOL FITNESS, LLC (“MCF”) is an inclusive, multicultural healthy lifestyle brand that uses holistic, behavior – based wellness content, digital platforms, and community-oriented local classes to foster long-term healthy lifestyle change in everyday people. MCF believes holistic and practical wellness solutions, with the person as the central driver of these solutions, will enable them to develop their own unique and dynamic, sustainable wellness system that will allow them to discover their own “MAD COOL FITNESS”, achieving personal empowerment and happiness.

The MCF wellness programs and philosophy are based on behavioral science models, and how founder and inspiration wellness leader Jennifer Turner was able to change from being an overweight, asthmatic teen and eating disordered adult, to the marathoner, triathlete, and “Fitness Activator” she is today. The MCF brand is positioned as the “coaching brand”, a supportive ally that guides a person through their wellness journey that is as much about self-exploration and discovery as it is about fitness, leveraging the power of community for support, inspiration, and motivation.

Our MAD COOL Philosophy


People are not separate from the environments in which they live. In order for people to be healthy, they must live in communities that are health promoting. Delivering on our mission of fostering a culture and communities of wellness, through our non – profit MAD COOL COMMUNITY, MCF wellness programs are offered to underserved communities most at risk for health disparities. Learn more about our mission and programs under MAD COOL COMMUNITY.