Build your Cool EQ

You don’t naturally know how to be healthy, you need to learn how to healthy. Learning is a combination of increasing your health knowledge so you can cut through the clutter about what is “healthy” and also build the Healthy Lifestyle Skills needed so you can apply that knowledge and live healthy every day.


Health Knowledge + Healthy Lifestyle Skills is what we call your COOL EQ.


IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a score calculated from standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence.


EQ ( Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand yourself, recognize an manage your emotions and your emotional reactions to situations, potentially relieve stress, and solve problems. This skill can also be applied to understanding others’ emotions, and can be used for empathy, effective communication, and potentially resolve conflicts. For most people EQ is even more important in attaining success in their lives and careers than IQ.


COOL-EQ is a combination of IQ and EQ.


COOL EQ combines both your knowledge about healthy eating and effective exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Skills (understanding of self, coping, stress management, problem-solving) to help you to manage emotions, problem solve, build self-confidence so you can be successful in living a healthy lifestyle long-term. By building your COOL EQ, healthy living will be the foundation of your life and you will be able to be healthy




Stress Management

Learn how to manage your emotions so you don’t emotionally eat, so you stay motivated to live healthy even when you’re feeling low. Learn how to effectively communicate so you can manage your stress.

Time Management
What’s the #1 reason why people don’t work out? Time. Learn how to effectively manage your time so you do have time to work out, your capacity to do more things increases, and you are more productive in your day.
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Learn how to get organized so you can be successful with living healthy every day.
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