Readiness To Change

“I want to lose weight.” “This year, I’m really going to lose weight.” “I’m going to start going to the gym for real this time”. “I’m really ready to live a healthy lifestyle.” Really? How many times have you said these things to yourself and you “fail.” One week into the big declaration, you have veered off the main road and into a ditch. Before you try to change, it would be helpful for you to understand where you are emotionally with respect to change and determine if you really are ready to change.

Where are you? The TTM model

The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM) was developed by Professor James O. Prochaska and colleagues at the University of Rhode Island in 1977. This model assesses an individual’s readiness to change to new healthier behaviors, provides a framework for analyzing the stages of change, and provides strategies to help move people from one stage to the next, culminating in “Action” and “Maintenance” stages.

The Transtheoretical Model of behavior change is a well-known model that outlines and categorizes how people change, and also provides suggestions on how wellness and other behavior change specialists can move a person from one stage to the next.Not to play Cranium, but TTM is a useful model for you to use when assessing where you are in your healthy change journey. This model is EXACTLY the process MCF founder Jennifer went through in her healthy change journey.

A squat is a squat is squat, and can be very effective IF you actually do them, consistently.  You don’t have to do tricked out, complicated exercises or starve yourself on the latest fad diet. You just need to eat well, move more, and CONSISTENTLY. The core underpinning of CONSISTENCY is modifying current behaviors to support being CONSISTENT. The elements that support consistency include 1) Your readiness to change and 2) Your healthy lifestyle skills


The Stages of Change are:

  • Pre-contemplation – Not Ready to Change Stage
  • Contemplation – Thinking About Changing Stage
  • Preparation – Getting Ready to Do The Change Stage
  • Action – Doing the Change Stage
  • Maintenance  – Have Been Doing the Change for 6 months Stage
  • Relapse – Oops! Fell off the Fitness Wagon;  The “SH$T Happens” Stage

So the question is, before you buy 1 DVD, buy 1 diet book, buy 1 Direct Response yada yada piece of fitness gear, or plunk down the dough for that gym membership, ask yourself, “Am I really ready to change?”

Are you ready to change? Take the Readiness Quiz to find out.