KarynRose Bruyning stepped on the scene as an actress, singer and poet/spoken word artist. Bruyning took on the challenge of co-writing her first play, Liberation, at Tuskegee University, where she received her BA in English, in 2002 with Tiwanna Blakely. Upon her arrival in New York, KarynRose returned to performing while never loosing the desire to write. Having served as a writer in various independent film projects, it came as a surprise to no one when she decided to go in search of partner who would enable her to work with both theatre and film. In the Fall of 2007, KarynRose joined forces with the boldly illustrative music video director, Artemus Jenkins to form Christmas In July 1982, a production company dedicated to film and theatre. In 2009, KarynRose debuted her playwriting skills in New York City, this time on her own, in the Off-Broadway play, My Song, The Way I Sing It , an all female ensemble giving women their say on their image and society’s part in it. In 2010, she went on to participate in a devised theatre project with 13 other women entitled Her Train of Thought. In June of 2013, KarynRose went on to write, direct, and produce SMOKE AND MIRRORS, a web series following one man’s return to the dating world after ending a serious relationship. Having made her voice synonymous with straight talk as it concerns “Woman Business”, KarynRose went on to become the “go-to” girl for all things SEX/DATING/RELATIONSHIPS for various websites. Focused on her health, Karyn engages in healthy living, eating clean, being active, and using the strength of good health as a foundational element in support of her creative pursuits. Karyn has also participated in MAD COOL FITNESS training programs, with MAD COOL results. MAD COOL Success! Keep on creating, Karyn! To get a closer look into the musing of her mind check out her personal To stay up to date on what’s going on with Christmas in July 1982


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