Motivational Monday – Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Motivational Monday – Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

| BY Jennifer

Greetings MAD COOL peeps and Happy Monday! We’re 1 month into the New Year and some of us may be sliding a little on our New Year’s Fitness Resolutions. Reaching fitness goals requires effort and preparation, therefore I wanted to revisit my favorite word PLAN, and how this four letter word really is your fitness friend. Here’s a personal example of how the wheels can come off the bus when you don’t…

Overall I do practice what I preach in terms of planning ahead – workouts and meals, packing healthy snacks for when I’m out and about all day. I’m very consistent with these behaviors but sometimes….

Kizzy is tired and I don’t pack food the night before….and then…
bad things happen…

“You know you’re hongry when…. ” you look at the dog treats at the kennel and think,”Damn those look good…just like cheetohs…Wonder what they taste like….?” Yup. Happened to me! Didn’t take the time to pack food the night before and then got caught out in the street hungry, which turned into HONGRY, which turned into HANGRY, and then delusional focus on doggie cheetohs.


But this weird cheetoh encounter was a good thing. It’s a little reminder to ALWAYS plan ahead, even when you’re tired. Take the extra 5 or 10 mins to pack food, lay out your gym stuff the night before, get your ish together beforehand so you won’t pay for it later.

Even though it does take effort, this is a samll investment to keep you focused on your fitness goals and keep you from engaging in “hand to paw combat” with your dog over doggie cheetohs…

I was about to take Max out. I mean, really? How low can you go? Pretty damn low.


So this week, even when you’re tired and you want to be like, “bag packing my gym bag”, “forget packing food”, “schedule, schmedule, I’ll just wing my workout”….stop and think about how these thoughts could bring you to the brink of craydom, and you too could find yourself looking at a bag of “Beggin’ Strips” and thinkin’, “Huh, smells just like real bacon…” 🙂

Go get ’em.


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