Motivational Monday – Ho, Ho, Ho Hell! Got Holiday Stress?

Motivational Monday – Ho, Ho, Ho Hell! Got Holiday Stress?

| BY Jennifer

Greetings my MAD COOL FITNESS CREW and Happy Monday! The most wonderful time of year is here, and with it comes food, family, fun and a whole lotta stress. Many of us try to make the holidays “perfect”, trying to live up to the expectations we set for ourselves and those we perceive others have set for us.

Instead of focusing on the real purpose of the holidays, spending time with loved ones, we get all hung up on what what we should do – go to every holiday party, cook for everyone, buy every damn toy in Toys R Us for our kids…and this all leads to STRESS.

And STRESS is a four letter word that just happens to have 5. Here are some tips to help you manage holiday stress:

1) Prioritize – In the 1,000 things you “have” to get done in one day, ask yourself, does it really have to get done today? Will the world end if I do it tomorrow?

2) Should is a Four Letter Word – Don’t get hung up on what you should do, based on who’s standard

3) Get Support – Everybody needs friends! You need at least one person you can talk to when your kids are acting a fool and you are asking Jesus to give you the strength to not take them out…especially after you have bought all them damn toys!

4) Communicate – Be assertive. Tell people, your friends, your family, what you need. If you feel like you’re not getting the support you need or you’re tired of coming home to find your partner’s boots in the middle of the doorway, just where you can trip over them and break your neck, don’t put his/her boots out on the lawn (that is pretty gangsta..thank you Angela Bassett), communicate. Sometimes we think it’s obvious when we need help and people should (there’s that word again) know we need help, but often they don’t. You gotta tell ’em, and sometimes tell ’em again, and again.

That’s it. Enjoy the holidays and don’t crack up. We need you sane for 2017!




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