Motivational Monday – Irrational Rationalization…The Food Cray Cray Voices in Your Head

Motivational Monday – Irrational Rationalization…The Food Cray Cray Voices in Your Head

| BY Jennifer

Greetings my MAD COOL FITNESS CREW and Happy Monday! We are two weeks out from Christmas and three weeks away from 2017.

Those pesky New Years Resolutions are right around the corner, and of course at the top of the list will be something like, “Lose weight; Eat Healthier; Go to the Gym; Call My Mama More…” We can talk about how to stick to your resolutions and call your poor old mom more in a later post:-)

For now I want to talk about how to not dig yourself a big ole fat hole over these next three weeks so when you arrive at January 1st, 2017 your butt doesn’t also have a butt!

Irrational Rationalization. What I like to call the “food cray cray voices in your head”. The holidays are a time of year when everyone is engaging in food and drinking excess. Therefore we feel we too have the inalienable right and permission to not only get on the food cray cray bandwagon, but also drive that sucker straight to a Dunkin Donuts.

But before you double fist that 20 piece box of honey glazed chocolate Munchkins downed with a Creme Brulee Peppermint Mocha Salted Carmel holiday drink (how can you even get that much crap in ONE drink???) stop, STEP AWAY FROM THE MUNCHKIN, and remember:

1) Literally STOP. Eating is often emotional. We get caught up in the moment, our feelings both good and bad drive unnecessary and unhealthy eating. Break the cycle of hand-doughnut-mouth. THINK about what you’re eating and WHY.

2) Tasting IS Eating. It’s the holidays so there will be a cornucopia of crap parading through your office, home and pretty much anywhere people are there will also be “bad” things to eat. Sure you can have a “taste” of these sinful snacks but remember, “tasting is eating”….it all adds up. You can B.S. yourself into saying “it was only a taste” but the scale and extra pair of spanks don’t lie. That doesn’t mean beat yourself up when you do partake or that you have to deprive yourself. But it does mean be mindful of what your are eating and honest with yourself that you ate it.

The more mindful you are of what you are eating and why, you can learn the very important skill of self-regulation. This skill will help YOU to be in control no matter what the food circumstance. Even if someone ties you up and throws chicken wings at you, you will still be able to resist….extreme example, but you get the idea, and to help build self-regulation and mindfulness….


3) Write Down Your Food CRAY CRAY Thoughts! Things that we say to ourselves in our heads make PERFECT sense. But often when we say them out loud or better still write them down, we’re like, “What crazy person came up with this mess?!” That would be YOU :-). Not the rational, thoughtful, intelligent YOU…the other YOU that makes no sense that is emotional and rationalizes behavior in the moment to gain permission to satisfy an immediate need.

Everyone has another “YOU”. I call mine Eunice (no offense to anyone named Eunice). I call her that because she’s the antithesis of the REAL Jennifer. She’s negative, emotional, says things that are not based on any facts and make absolutely no sense. Sometimes I have TO SHUT THAT CHICK DOWN, and I do so by writing Eunice’s cray cray ideas down on paper.

So this week, when the Munchkins are calling your name and there is food EVERYWHERE, and you feel the need to “taste” EVERYTHING….remember, “tasting is eating”…be mindful of what you’re eating and why. Write down the food voices in your head, and then tell them to shut the hell up!




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