Motivational Monday – No Time for Exercise? Read This!

Motivational Monday – No Time for Exercise? Read This!

| BY Jennifer

Greetings my MAD COOL FITNESS CREW and Happy Monday! I had to take a couple weeks off from posting because the summer school session was ending and I had to crank through.

I am pleased to say that after 22 intense months I have successfully completed the coursework for my Doctor of Public Health! Yay!

I still have an enormous exam I have to take and write an enormous dissertation, but I have at least reached one milestone on my road to becoming Dr. Jennifer Turner!

What does exercise have to do with this?

Needless to say, juggling work, school, and MCF has been A LOT. I was hella, hella (and still am) stressed out.

Exercise offered me so many benefits during this busy time:

1) It helped me to manage my stress. No matter how stressed and crappy I felt before a workout, I always, ALWAYS felt better after. In addition to the physical response, my feeling better was also tied to….

2) I felt a sense of accomplishment. Instant gratification. I’m working on some pretty long-term goals, that have had (and will have) a lot of daily struggle. No matter how difficult the day ahead of me, I always felt after a work out that, “At least I got something done.” I ALWAYS do my workouts in the morning and they served as the anchor of my day; without them, I would have been adrift. Completing them centered me so that whatever was about to jump off in the rest of the day, I was ready. Take that universe cray cray!!

3) Exercise expanded my capacity. Because I exercised, I had more energy. Exercise made me more productive. It increased my capacity to do things. 1 min of exercise enabled me to do easily 50% more. Which helped me to develop…

4) Confidence. Because I was strong physically, and also mentally committed to doing my workouts NO MATTER WHAT, I felt like I could do anything. Any problem would be solved. I was capable.

So what does this mean for you?

1) When life gets funky, don’t bag your workout. When you get stressed, don’t rationalize not doing exercise, that you don’t have time. When stuff is rocky, this is exactly when you need to lean in more.

2) KISS YOURSELF. Keep It Simple Sister/Son! When life is hectic, this is not the time to try that spin class you have to drive all the way to the other side of town to get to, or do the most complicated workout ever. No. Keep the logistics simple as well as the workout. If it gets too complicated you will bag it…which gets to…

3) Maintain the habit. When you’re stressed, you may not be sleeping well or be getting enough sleep. When this happens, don’t go for the world record in plyometric jumps or do the spartan race workout. In addition to increasing the probability of injury due to lack of rest, you will not be able to maintain doing that kind of intense workout. At some point, the alarm will go off at 5:30am, you will think about that monster workout, and you will think about all the other crap you have to do that day, and then you will think, “This is some ish. Bump this. I’m not going to the Olympics. No one is paying me for this torture.. I’m not doing it today!” (Clearly, you have a lot of thoughts… :-))

And then….

you will end up doing… NOTHING. So keep the workout manageable and simple until you can mentally and physically handle more…fitness (life) is a marathon not a sprint. And last but not least, related to #3…

4) Be Consistent. Make an effort to do exercise at the same time every day. Even if it’s as simple as a few mins on the treadmill, or a walk around the block. You must learn how to incorporate physical activity every day and reserve the time in your schedule.

So this week, think about the above. Keep It Simple Sister/Son. I can’t tell you how much exercise and following these simple tips have helped me and will continue to help me to achieve in other areas of my life. You will be amazed by the dividends exercise pays, you will be amazed by yourself, and you will not only be fit but also AMAZING in your life overall.

Keep at it every day, never slacking, never quitting, firmly committed to your your resolve to be MAD COOL.

Go get ’em.


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