Motivational Monday – On Vacay? Don’t Fall off the Fitness Wagon

Motivational Monday – On Vacay? Don’t Fall off the Fitness Wagon

| BY Jennifer

Greetings my MAD COOL FITNESS CREW and Happy Monday! I just got back from a fabulous vacation with my mother,aunt,sister, and niece. Although we do this trip every year, it was our first time doing two weeks and it was WONDERFUL. It took me about a week to realize I was on vacation, exhale and then start to enjoy myself.

In spite of sinful food and laziness everywhere, I managed to stay on my fitness program. Here’s how and maybe these tips can keep you from falling off the fitness wagon too!

1) I stayed on a schedule. Yes you’re on vacation, but it’s important to get up and get that work out in. Too many things can happen over the course of the day (you want to do things with your family) and you won’t get it in.

2) I pre-planned my cheats. The Black Dog has this chocolate cake, the Black Out Cake, which is layers of rich chocolate and fudge…it is FABULOUS. We get it every year for my niece’s birthday and I knew I had to have a piece. Rather than wasting my calories on ice cream and other nonsense, I saved them for something I really wanted: BLACK OUT CAKE. And it was worth it!!!

3) I ate before dinner. This helped me to not over-eat or eat things that were completely ridiculous. I wasn’t starving so I wasn’t trying to eat everything in site.

4) I didn’t take a “runny stocking mentality” to my diet. Meaning, you eat something bad so you keep eating because you figure you already messed up anyway so you might as well keep eating bad stuff??? Kinda like a runny stocking…once you get a snag in those suckers, even if you put nail polish on them…they keep running. If you eat something “bad”, say “I ate it” and MOVE ON. You still have the rest of the day to “eat right”. Throw those hose away and put on a new pair!

That’s it. These tips helped my to stay straight while on vacay and not gain a bijillion pounds. I came back rested and ready to rock. Hopefully these tips can help you too!

Go get ’em.


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