Motivational Monday – Wakey, Wakey…It’s Workout Time!

Motivational Monday – Wakey, Wakey…It’s Workout Time!

| BY Jennifer

Greetings my MAD COOL FITNESS CREW and Happy Monday! Last week I talked about how working out consistently relieved stress and kept me from cracking up while juggling school, work, and MAD COOL. Amen to that.

This week I want to dig a little deeper into that adverb “consistently”. There are many components that go into doing something consistently:

1) How you feel about the activity. Do you like it or would you rather have your toenails pulled out, slowly, one by one, with rusty tweezers?

2) Your motivation. Your rationale, reason for engaging in the behavior. This is a biggie and the subject of a whole ‘nother post. We’ll come back to this one.

3) Complexity. What have to do: 1) to engage in the activity and/or 2) how complicated is the activity. In either case, KISS Yourself “Keep It Simple Sister/Son”. Complexity early in your fitness journey is no bueno. Simplicity is your BFF.

4) Planning & Scheduling. Finding the same time in your daily scheduling to do the damn thing. Gotta block off that time, ideally at the same time, every day. Remember, my sister calls me Rain Man, because I do the same things in my schedule every day. That’s okay ’cause Rain Man was a friggin’ genius 🙂

Family….the subject of yet another post… 🙂

So in this post, I want to focus on #4, Planning & Scheduling. Many of you reach out to me privately and ask for tips on “getting in shape”, “finding time to work out”, “managing stress”, “getting your food ish together”…All of these things, I’m sorry to say, require effort, but it is in your effort, your struggle to change, where the changing and the real benefit occur.

“Don’t have time” is always listed as the #1 reason why people don’t work out. Circling back to how I was able to work out consistently over the last few months and the last 17 years in spite of many challenges, and also based on research re: how other people have been able to work out consistently over time, the collective “we” work out in the morning.

Now some of you have just read this past sentence and are already saying,” Hell to the NAW! I’m just not a morning person. I just can’t do it….”

For some you, legitimately, you may have childcare issues or other real things you need to figure out in order to do your workouts in the morning. That’s completely understandable. I would encourage you to think about how you might be able to move some things around, or workout at home, to get that physical activity in early.

For the rest of ya’ll you… like sleep 🙂 or you’re night owls. You actually could work out in the morning if, when you did the math of more sleep vs workout in your head, workout came out on top with greater value.

Why am I all up in your grill about this morning workout thing?

1) Because the morning is when you have the most energy, mentally and physically. You haven’t been beaten down yet by all the stuff that will be thrown at you over the course of the day.

2) The morning, for the most part, is the time when your day is relatively quiet, before your boss is blowing up your email.

3) You get something done! Revisiting my last post, even if the rest of your day straight up SUCKS, at least you can take pride in knowing you turned your sheets loose, got up, got your workout done, and kept your promise to yourself to live healthier. You’ll also have more energy to deal with the rest of your sucky day! Good luck!!

So this week, think about if it’s possible, possible for you to re-arrange some thangs so you can get your workout done in the morning. It will help you to have more energy, give you a sense of accomplishment, and help with consistency because it’s at a time of day when the world hasn’t gone crazy yet. Also the more you work out in the morning, the more confident and good you will feel about being able to do exercise consistently, so the more you will continue to do it.

We tend to repeat doing things that make us feel good…

These positive feelings toward exercise, build exercise self-confidence (also known as exercise self-efficacy), and will help you to remain consistent, committed, and steadfast in your Resolve to be MAD COOL!

Go get ’em.


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