Motivational Monday – Working Around Injury

Motivational Monday – Working Around Injury

| BY Jennifer

Greetings MAD COOL FITNESS peeps and Happy Monday! For my East-Coasters, what a cold weekend! Ugh. We’ve had some pretty bad winters, cold, lots of snow, we’ve seen alot. But when you walk outside and the temperature says “-3” and the windchill makes it feel like it’s -20, you know you’ve got problems. When I went to turn on my car, it was like, “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!”

Needless to say, I did my workouts indoors, not only because of the weather but also because I tweaked my right calf while doing sprints the day before.

So here’s what happened. After MONTHS of strengthening my left side and straightening out my twisted hips, I felt strong enough to sprint, like with real effort.

Monday I wanted to do a ladder, 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m. But trying to do 200m at all out effort coming from doing miles and 800s at moderate effort, my body was like, “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!” So my ladder quickly became 1 little rung. I just did some 150’s.

Wednesday I did 10 150s faster, and Friday I did them even faster.

On the 6th 150 my right calf felt a little sore but I kind of ignored it. Yep. I was a dummy. I was able to do all 10 150’s but on my mile cool down, I couldn’t do the last 400m. My body was like, “Willis, you need to sit your ass on down”.

My right calf was killing me. I was able to finish my workout by doing core work and doing lower body exercises that did not incorporate my calf very much, then I limped into the women’s locker room, and got ready for work. By the time I was dressed, my calf still hurt but I could walk, and my the afternoon it was a lot better.

The whole day I was thinking “WTF?! First it’s my left side. Now it’s my right side…I’m like Humpty Dumpty!!”

Saturdays are the days when I train the hardest. Between the cold weather and now my bum right leg, I had to modify things and workout indoors.

I still had a great workout. Rather than freak out or get depressed, I adjusted. I did rolling stairs, the rower for cardio, and swam to help loosen things up. For strength training I was careful not to engage my calves. I also did a little self-analysis and believe the issue was really caused by my tight hamstring (which makes sense given I was sprinting) which pulled on the calf.

So what’s the point of my little story? Injuries happen.

Especially if you are pushing yourself. You absolutely can reduce the risk of injury but sometimes ish happens.

What will keep you consistent with your fitness is to work around them, no matter what.

Rather than throw your hands in the air or think it’s a sign from the universe that you’re just not meant to be fit, or exercise is hazardous to your health….think about what you CAN do. The truth is you can probably still keep moving forward toward your fitness goals while being mindful and respectful of the injury. It’s important to take the hint from your body (I’m gonna chill on the running for the next few days) while also being mindful of maintaining the habit of moving.

So this week, if you have something that’s a little achey or tweaked, think about what you can do, and focus on doing that.
Preserve the exercise time in your schedule. These are tips to help you develop ways for coping with injury so when, unfortunately, it may happen again, you can be like, “Ahhh, yes, I know exactly of what you speak, Willis!”

Go get ’em


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