Motivational Monday – Fitness in Service of Community

Motivational Monday – Fitness in Service of Community

| BY Jennifer

Greetings my MAD COOL FITNESS CREW and Happy Monday! First, let’s take a moment to recognize those who paid the ultimate price of their lives while serving this country. Yes Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, but we must remember the purpose of this very important day.

Service. Let’s talk about this word. Service is defined as “the action of helping or doing work for someone”. There’s all types of service – service to one’s country, family, community. But the idea is to help, to take action, to give something of yourself to help someone else.

I recently had the opportunity to do service in the area of fitness. A couple of years ago I taught fitness class at a charter school, Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School, in Jersey City. Although there was a positive response to the class, for a number of reasons the program didn’t continue.

A few weeks ago I got a call from the school’s director of development that one of the parents, remembered me and took the initiative to apply for a small grant for me to come back and teach MAD COOL CARDIO. I remember the call vividly because I was a having a bad day, overwhelmed by so many things and questioning if I was on the right path.

That call made my day. I mean really, it was so amazing that A) this parent remembered me and B) she took time out of her busy life apply for the grant.

The director asked if I could teach, and of course my answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!” Ms. Roberson was the parent and she said she and the other parents, the kids, the community needed MAD COOL FITNESS. Really?! So great!

We started classes last week. Here are the photos. The kids took the class too, albeit they had their own Power Rangers type moves goin’ on in the front row…but they were on the beat and they paid attention the entire hour!






So what does this mean for you? Some of you may be struggling to stay on the fitness wagon. But trust me there are others who are struggling just as much if not more. If you know something that can help someone in their fitness journey, share it. If you’re doing great in your wellness journey and have really cracked this fitness thing, then definitely share your knowledge. It will not only help someone, and you will be doing your own unique service, but it will also to keep you focused on your path. Remember, fitness isn’t just about you, it’s about your friends, family, and community. So with that, let’s all hold hands a do this fitness thing, TOGETHER.

Have a great holiday!


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2 responses to “Motivational Monday – Fitness in Service of Community

  1. Thank you, Mad Cool Fitness for helping the parents and families at Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School take charge of their health and fitness. We’re in YOUR crew!

  2. Jennifer, I am so enjoying your class. I really appreciate you taking the trip over every Tuesday & Thursday to work us out to our full potential. You make the class very exciting and your choice of music is appropriate to the routines.
    I encourage all of my co-workers and the parents to come out and join the remaining classes. It could really jump start your journey to a healthier beginning of a better life.

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