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Resolve to be MAD COOL Seminar


A wellness seminar for your Body, Brain, and Behavior, Resolve to be MAD COOL 2016 is a
1 hour MAD COOL CARDIO fitness class led by founder Jennifer Turner. The fitness class will then be followed by a 1 hour wellness coaching session, also led by Jennifer, focused on New Year's Resolutions – making these goals specific, actionable, with a plan, while also focusing on the thoughts and behaviors that can trip us up. The wellness coaching session will focus on healthy lifestyle skill-building to help us stick with our new healthy behaviors, making them habits. Jennifer's wellness coaching methodology is based on her own experience of living healthy for over 17 years, as well as proven health behavior science techniques from her studies as a doctoral student at Rutgers School of Public Health specializing in Health Education and Behavioral Science, and also as an Ace-certified Behavior Change Specialist.

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