Sign up for MAD COOL CARDIO in the NEW YEAR!

Sign up for MAD COOL CARDIO in the NEW YEAR!

| BY Jennifer

The New Year is coming, and MAD COOL CARDIO is on the move! Starting January 7, MAD COOL CARDIO and Healthy Support Classes will take place on Monday evenings in our new location!

Black River Dance Center for the Performing Arts
345 Lenox Ave at 127th Street, Harlem, New York
Healthy Support Class: Mondays, 6:30PM-7:00PM
MAD COOL CARDIO: Mondays, 7:00PM-8:00PM
Healthy Support and MAD COOL CARDIO are $5 individually, or $7 when combined.

Please register below if you plan on attending a class, to make the sign-in process easier for everyone. We will be collecting money at the door.

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